look im too lazy to write some code here so youre just gonna have to deal with uhhhh idk really disorganized pictures of my 3d art LOL
i use blender and zbrush and substance painter and topogun and uhhh if i REALLY HAVE TO maya
uh, fun fact, still using old blender because the new 2.8 or whatever confuses the piss out of me THOUGH god one day i wish i can go to it
same thingy btw click on pic to enlarge

this is my cool oc i was making in 3d but i never finished her

something i made for vr chat because i thought itd be funny, fully rigged

cool challenge of a low poly oc

funny shoes

funny outfits

uh, if i have more ill post but i dont really know where my shit went cuz im bad at data storage
i made and 3d printed a BJD (not successfully) but ill find that and post it here too weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee