theres supposed to be confetti here but for some reason it wont work?? anyway

the bare minimum has been done!!


its been a year and a half since we met, and a year since we've been dating! although im kind of lazy to do a two-in-one,
just know that i absolutely love love love you! this year ive gotten to know you has been incredible!
we've been doing so much, having so much fun being in love and supporting each other
in the best ways we can! i cannot begin to describe how incredible you are
you're such a kind, gentle, loving human being with a heart of gold
everything youve done for me has been outlandishly selfless, from spending
everyday with me, every hour you have to offer, to giving me your love
when im not feeling good or even when you arent, its such a sacrifice!
and i cannot thank you enough for it...
i think about you everyday, i miss you everyday
happy 36th birthday!
meet me in kugane!!! you know where!!! i got something funny for you, i love you!
sorry this isnt much, i hope those spices and charms get day! lol...